Price Family History
From Germany to Michigan
The Price family came to America in 1749, probably on the Ship Elliot. Their daughter Anna Elizabetha was baptised in Philadelphia. From there they lived for a time near Lancaster, Pennsylvania where their son, Johan Philip was baptised. Then they moved to Frederick, Maryland in 1770. After the death of the patriarch, Johannes (John) Preiss (Preis, Price, Preyes...) his son Phillip moved the family to Rush, NY. Finally, after the opening of the Erie Canal, 4 of Phillip's sons moved on to Michigan. My ancestor, Adam, settled first in Utica, MI and later in Shelby Twp.where he died and was buried on the family farm.\r\n\r\nIf you feel that you could be related;\r\nIf you have information about this family; or if you are seeking information contact me.

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